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Magnus Carlsen vs Peter Svidler 2010

Magnus Carlsen became the official highest ranked player ever when he achieved an ELO of 2861.

This chess video is of a blindfold game he played against Hungarian Grandmaster Peter Svidler in 2010.

Mikhail Botvinnik Vs. Vassily Smyslov 1954

Mikhail Botvinnik was a Russian Grandmaster and World Chess Champion for 13 years. He was born in 1911.

Vassily Smyslov was a Russian Grandmaster born in 1921. He was World Chess Champion for a year when he beat Botvinnik in the 1954 Worldchampionship, where this game happend.

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Bobby Fischer vs Karl Robatsch 1962

This is another game from Bobby Fischers book "My 60 Memorable Games".

Karl Robatsch was an Austrian grandmaster born in 1929. He was Austrian Champion 1960.


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